How LV Bet is Using AI In Its Sportsbook

How LV Bet is Using AI In Its Sportsbook 2

Always keen to offer their customers the best possible service, LV Bet have launched a new product – BetBooster.
The betting franchise that has a number of websites in Latvia and globally has released information following the launch which shows that the new product has increased the number of made on the site – pre-match bets by 18,000 and in-play bets by 2,5000.

What is BetBooster?

BetBooster is a brand new LV Bet service that gives users access to a wide range of automated stats and data about upcoming sports events. Built into the site and complete with betting slip integration, it shows users historical data, live information and AI analysis, giving players an insight into betting odds and helpful information when it comes to placing a bet.  At launch, it covers soccer, tennis and basketball with LV Bet planning to integrate cricket and other major US sports throughout the rest of 2021. It’s a really exciting product for the site & they’ll be pleased that it has been so well received by website users since it was launched a few weeks ago.

Placing Bets in Latvia

AI technology or not, if a website is offering sweepstakes and sports betting then it must abide by the rules and regulations of the country it is hosted in. LV Bet in Latvia is no exception. Currently, online gambling is allowed in the country, with six operators currently holding a license to be able to offer this on their website. There are other websites that offer online gambling and these are often operated from outside Latvia. These aren’t illegal to use but it is a good idea to research into them and ensure that you’re using a website that can be trusted, which is solid advice for any website you’re going to share financial information with.

Placing A Sports Bet

Whether you’re using AI technology to help your betting odds or not, you should always make sure you stay safe when placing an online bet. To get started you’ll likely need to register with the site you want to use, providing them with your full details. Always submit the correct details and make sure that these are accurate – you may also be asked to upload photo ID too. Once you’re registered you can browse the website to see what games and sports betting opportunities they offer.

Placing a bet online is similar to how you would in a bookmaker, you simply need to look up the event that you wish to bet on and see what odds they’re offering. Odds can change all the time, so it’s important that you do your research and place the bet when the time feels right for you. The new BetBooster by LV Bet is designed to help with that, giving you access to a whole host of up to date data that you previously wouldn’t have had access to, no wonder so many more people have been placing bets at LV Bet since it was launched.