How to Play Craps and Win like a PRO?

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Craps is actually a very logical game, and if you bear that in mind when learning the betting procedures and options, you will understand craps gambling very quickly.

The Pass Line Bet – The betting grid at first glance may look quite daunting and complicated, but once you begin to read it and understand the layout and what each possible bet means, you will see the logic in the layout. The most popular bet when playing Craps is the Pass Line bet. This is a bet on the chance of rolling a straight 7 or 11, in which case, you are an outright winner, and the rolling can start again. If you roll a 2, 3 or 12 then you are an automatic loser.

If you roll any other number, this becomes the established point number, and you keep rolling until you get that point again (a win) or roll a seven (you lose). There are many different craps bets which surround this simple rolling schedule.


Buying the Odds – once you have established the point, you can bet up to two times the pass line bet by buying the odds. This is an additional bet that you can add, you are betting that the point will be rolled again before the 7.

Don't Pass – this is the opposite of the Pass Line bet. You can place this bet at the beginning of the game, and you are betting that if the outcome is 2 or 3, then you win. 7 and 11 lose the bet ad a 12 is a push, which is how a tie is described.

Come Bet – This is like the pass line bet but can be made at any time during the game after the first throw.

Don't Come – this is the opposite of a come bet, it is also made after the first coming out throw, and you are betting that if you throw a 2, 3 you win, and a 12 is a tie.

Laying the Odds – This is the opposite of buying the odds where you are betting that the seven will be rolled before the point.

Number and Buy Bets – here you can bet on rolling a specific number, other than the 2, 3,7,11, or 12. The odds are much higher here.

Lay Bets – this is the opposite of a number bet where you are betting that the seven will be rolled before the number you have chosen.

Hard Ways – These are bets that a hard number of 4, 6, 8 and 10 will be thrown. A hard number is made up of 2 numbers the same i.e. for 4 each dice will throw a 2 and so on. These are called hard bets as they are challenging to achieve.

Big 6 or Big 8 – these are bets that the 6 or 8 respectively will be thrown before the 7.

Once you understand the basics of the craps bets and how they work, the game of craps will come very quickly to you, and you will be attracted to its magic. Then you will be ready to read and try out craps tips and craps strategies. Try Aussie craps online and see why it is such a popular and winning game.


Craps Online Strategies

Craps is a complicated game. It's also a game of chance at the core. It's important to remember these two factors as you head into play your favorite craps game. There are hundreds of people who've written various strategies for winning at craps. Many of them are very complicated. Here, you'll find some important, and yet not too complicated, Craps strategies that should help you to gain an edge at your craps game. Make sure before you start playing for money, that you know the game of Craps well. Play at a free site for a while and make sure that you are comfortable with the various types of bets and with your spending limits. Then, you'll be ready to look at these strategies for making good craps bets and for avoiding bad craps bets.

How to Ensure You Are Placing Good Craps Bets:

So, when you're playing the game, how do you know which bet to make? The bet with the best odds in craps on the come-out roll is the pass line bet. While the house edge on most bets is pretty high, it's only 1.41% for this bet. Both to keep your risk low, and to warm up if you're a new player, this is the bet to make. Now, once the come-out roll has presented a point, you can also do well by making another bet that is a multiple of your pass line bet. This amount changes depending on the casino, but it's pretty common to see a multiple of two for this bet. The odds bet pays out at correct odds, which makes it a great choice. Therefore, you should always take the odds bet.

How to Avoid Placing Bad Craps Bets:

Now, just as there are sure bets which offer an advantage, there are others which certainly present you with a disadvantage. Some of the bets have terrible odds for the player and great ones for the dealer! The house edge on the “Big Six” bet is 9.1%. This is a bet that a six will come up in a roll before a seven does. These are terrible odds!

Similarly, the “Big 8” bet also has a 9.1% house advantage. Even worse are the “Hard 4” and the “Hard 10” bets. They give a house edge of 11% or more! Avoid these four craps bets. There isn't much for you to gain here, and there is a great deal for you to lose. One even more chance to keep in mind is the proposition bet. This is a bet that something specific is going to happen on the next roll. For whatever reason, the proposition bets that predict a 2 or a 12 on the next roll have the worst odds with a house edge of 13.9%! Don't throw your money away with a bet like this.
Enjoy your craps game and be smart while playing. Combine these tips with the expertise you are acquiring as you play use Neosurf casino vouchers, and you'll be ready for a great game of craps!

How to play Craps

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