How to Play and Win Keno Online

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In Keno online players have tickets that they use to pick the spots that they think the software’s random number generator will choose. The more numbers they pick that the software also picks, the more they can win. Different online Keno games will have a different maximum number you can pick, but you are usually allowed to pick from one up to 10 or 20 out of the 80 numbers available.

Keno tip #1: don't pick 1 number

Maybe it seems attractive to only select 1 number on the board because you can get twenty times your bet, but the truth is that it isn't very likely that your number will fall. The margin the house gets when you play this strategy is about 25%. If you pick a group of Numbers this margin will drop to about 10% or less.

Keno tip #2: pick 9 numbers

Although not always true of course the odds seem to be the highest when u pick 9 numbers on the board. Picking more or fewer numbers on the board increases the margin of the Casino. If you pick 9 numbers the margin of the house is about 5% and that's about the lowest you can get with Keno. If u play in an Online Casino the margin will be even better because they don’t have many overhead costs.

Keno tip #3: Spot Choosing Strategies

You are welcome to pick as many numbers, or spots, as the game allows. However, picking only one number, while it may look like easy money, is actually the worst bet on the Keno ticket. Try to pick at least two numbers when betting a keno ticket. A popular choice is to pick your birthdate, your children’s birthdates or something of the sort as a lucky number. Although everyone knows it doesn’t really matter, it makes the game a little more fun and exciting.

Keno tip #4: Win Percentages

Some sites will also tell you the win percentage for certain numbers of spots at certain sites. If you always like to play eight numbers at once, for example, it may be to your benefit to do some research and find a site that offers the best payout percentages for eight numbers. You may even choose to use one online keno site for playing, for example, seven or eight numbers and an entirely different site for playing 12 or 13 numbers. To find the Aussie Keno sites that offer the best possible payouts, you may have to shop around. A random number-based game like online Keno is all about what odds you get in return. The Keno rules never change dramatically, but your odds will improve if you take advantage of a sign-up bonus offer for example.

 Keno tip #5: Research

Do your research before you head out for a landbased or when you go to play online in an Aussie online Casino with a neosurf bonus codes with a neosurf bonus codes. Always look on the internet where there are margin numbers of the Casino.
Some online Casino sites have grouped the Margin on some Casino both online and offline. This way you can make a good choice when playing online.

If you can play the lottery, you can play Keno, and playing online Keno is like having an instant lottery available to you whenever you’re in the mood to play. Just like with a traditional lottery, all you need is a dollar or two to win big. Standard Keno rules and bets are as simple as they come – just pick a number and start playing. There are a few other variations of online Keno available online, however, that could require you to brush up your Keno knowledge and offer a bit of extra challenge, but generally, the Keno rules are very easy to learn, regardless of variety.


Keno Online Books Recommendation

While keno online is a relatively easy game to learn and play, it's always recommended that you know as much as you can about any game before playing. Whether you play casino keno, video keno, or keno online , it's always a good idea to read a few books about the game and to educate yourself. Here are a few recommendations for some good keno books that will help you understand the finer points of the keno game, including keno odds, keno wagering, and keno strategy. There are also some interesting chapters on keno history. The books are definitely interesting, and they might even help you succeed to pick those winning keno numbers.

Powerful Profits from Keno by Victor Royer

As the title states, the author, Victor Royer, wants you to learn how to rake in the money from playing keno. Much of this book focuses on video keno, with sections that clearly explain the difference between the “lounge” version and the video version. He spends time emphasizing the Game King Multi-Game Machine, which uses on-screen menus that allow you to choose the value of your credits and the Four-Card Online Keno Machine. He explains in a relaxed, detailed way how the machines operate and what you should expect when you play keno. And he prepares you to play with many details about the pay tables and odds, among other things. He has many charts and tables and includes a 10-page index of subjects and concepts. He also has a section dispelling myths and superstitions regarding keno.

Complete Guide to Winning Keno by David Cowles

In this book, David Cowles wants to help video and internet keno players to move from beginner to intermediate by giving hints about the ins and outs of the game. He uses mathematical formulas to help you calculate way (or combination) tickets and begin to perceive the odds. His writing is casual and flowing, allowing you to quickly read and enjoy the tips he offers. He gives a detailed history of the game and then offers many tips and information about keno in general. He also uses anecdotes about his own experiences playing keno with his wife.

Types of Online Keno games

Power Keno

Power Keno is a Keno variation that started in Australia. It is played the same way as standard Keno with one added attraction: The “Power” is based on the twentieth number drawn. If any of the player's picks match the twentieth number, his winnings are quadrupled. That's a really great way to enhance the Keno game.

Super Keno

Super Keno is actually just a copy of Power Keno. The difference is in which number is the “Super”. In Power Keno, the focus is on the twentieth number called. In Super Keno, the focus is on the first number. If any of the player's selected numbers match the first number generated by the computer, then the player's winnings are quadrupled.

Way Keno or Combination Keno

The object in this Keno variation is for the player to select groups of different numbers – all with the same amount of numbers. For example, a player can select three different groups, with six numbers in each group. This creates more than one way to win. Conventional wisdom says that the player has a higher percentage of “hits” with this Keno version if he also wagers the maximum betting amount.

Video Keno

Video Keno is a solo, play-it-alone, game. It looks very much like a slots game, and for those gamblers who enjoy playing slots, it makes for a nice change. With today's enhanced computer graphics and sounds, Video Keno gives the player the feeling that he is in a real casino environment although he is playing by himself.