Indian Dreaming Pokies

Is one of the most popular games of the Aristocrat casino software provider and themed around the Native American culture. Indian Dreaming Pokies is one of the most loved games of all time and still people love it by heart and never miss a chance to play it. Indian Dreaming Pokies was the first released in 1999 and till the date, it has maintained its position on the top shelves. It is a golden wheel, the never ending fortune of an aristocrat and going to be for many years to come. Indian Dreaming Pokies is fun to play and once you played it, you want to try again. People still go crazy for this game; although the game is old and so many people had already tried it. There are various things about Indian Dreaming Pokies that still keep people captivated and attract them to play and to play to win, though not all of them are lucky but still people try it. Indian dreaming is updated twice with additional features and tweaks but remains in its original form and style for the loyal players around the world. It is the king of the video slot game in both online and land-based casino gambling world.

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Features of Indian Dreaming

The popularity of Indian Dreaming Pokies only increases with time. In the last decade or so the craziness for Indian Dreaming Pokies only increased and people still showed this video slots game with such admiration that many new games are not so popular in front of this popular game.

One of the most interesting and fascinating features of the game is the number of ways one person can win the game. When you play the game for the first time, only then you notice that there are around 243 ways to win the game which is amazing in itself and revolutionary for the time when the game was released. In Indian Dreaming, the player doesn’t have to depend on the pay lines only and can place one wager on all reels to trigger the all possible combinations to win the game. Another important feature of aristocrat’s Indian Dreaming Pokies is that the real money players have different betting options and lots coin denomination.

Indian Dreaming Bonus Feature

Being one of the oldest poker games, Indian Dreaming does not have much of bonus features to provide to the player, but the bonus feature Indian Dreaming provide are good enough to suffice. One of the important bonus features that differ the Indian Dreaming from other video slot games is that the wild symbol which is tepee and dream catcher which is the scatter symbol. Tepee and scatter symbol shown on the screen make the game more interesting. The tepee is important for the winning combination and the dream catcher helps in winning the free spin. A Player can win the cash prize if the scatter symbol appears on the three of last pay lines. When the three or more symbols appear on the screen player usually win the free spins which increase with the number of the scatter symbol. The lovers of Indian Dreaming adore the game even after so many years. It is no surprise this game is going to be a winner of all for a long time as Indian Dreaming still provides hours of entertainment and fun and a chance to win big.

India Dreaming Free Spins

Indian Dreaming free spins are the real fun and keep player engage for the long period of time as well as a player never loses the interest of the game. As the Indian Dreaming is based on Native Americans Indians and so the symbols on the theme which still are enough to arouse the curiosity of the players.

The system of free spins starts with dream catcher or also called scatter symbol. When the player got three or more dream catcher on their last three pay line they get 10 free spins. The number of free spins increases with the number of the dream catcher. When the free spins rounds start or triggered the play do not wager more money and all the win goes to the player account. Once the free spins round ends, the player cannot retrigger the round. To win the more free spins, the player has to gain more scatter symbols and to gain symbols player has to return to the base game and triggered the round again.

Indian Dreaming App

The popularity of Indian Dreaming never went down in all these years. People still spend lots of time playing the game in land based gambling and casinos. There are people from all over the world who play Indian Dreaming every day, some win and some lost, but the appreciation for the game never went down. For years Indian Dreaming has ruled the video slot poker game world and still possess’ high value in the market. The aristocrat maintains the originality of the game even though it’s updated twice from the time it was launched.

There is no particular app available to play the Indian Dreaming, which saddened so many lovers of Indian Dreaming across the world. Indian Dreaming is available to play online and this is enough for the game lover for now. Aristocrat Indian Dreaming is available for play online, but not in all places players can play for real money, play for real money is only available on selected places only. The player can try a hand on an online version before playing in the land based casinos and take a clue how to wager and play.

There is other games aristocrat has launched in recent years for poker world players and some of them are popular too, but no one matches the popularity of Indian Dreaming. Similar games just like Indian Dreaming are available both in the online world and land based casinos, but the thing is Indian Dreaming is still providing great fun and entertainment. There was a time when people waited for hours to play Indian Dreaming. The situation may not be similar now because of the increased number of casinos around the world and Indian Dreaming is older than a decade now, but still, the game is most loved video slot poker games.