Free Money for Scratchies

Free Money for Scratchies 2

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There is no better way to get scratching than’s free $5. Sign up now and you’ll receive $5 for absolutely free. This unique scratch bonus does NOT require you to deposit, it’s truly free gaming money. If you do decide to deposit, you’ll receive welcome package. It gives you up to $800 in match-up bonuses + 50 free spins. So for example deposit $100 to play $200 in scratchie cards. All you need to do to get your free scratchies is to sign up.
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Instant & free online scratch cards

You try all scratch cards for free before playing them for real money. When you play the free games, keep in mind that we have a lot more scratch card action coming your way. There’s only a few games above, but you’ll find more than 50 scratch cards in our casino lobby.

When you want to see more free games, sign up (only takes a minute, we promise!) by clicking any of our friendly green buttons. This gives you access to our casino lobby, where you’ll find all of our games.

How To Get Started With Online Scratchies

How do I play the games?

Playing our scratch games is so easy, that the quickest way to get started is to buy a card and figure it out.
Out of the 30+ scratch games you can play at, most follow the familiar age-old format of scratch-offs: there is a 3×3 grid and if you get 3 of the same symbol you win prizes.So choose a game and click / tap on New Card to buy a card. After that click / tap on the grid to reveal a square, or if you are impatient like I am, choose Reveal All to reveal all the squares. If you get 3 of the same symbol, how much you win depends on your stakes. Most games show win amounts in multipliers, for example x10 000. This would mean that your stake would be multiplied by 30 000. So for example if you bought a $/€/£2 ticket, you’d win $/€/£2 x 30 000 = $/€/£20,000.

Can I play scratchies with my mobile?

Yes. You can play scratch games on your phone and tablet too. You can play instant scratchie cards with all Apple devices, including all iPhones and iPads. The games also work on Android-based phones and tablets (Android version 4 and up) and Windows Phones.
Playing with your mobile device couldn’t be simpler: visit, login and start playing. That’s all there’s to it.

How do I buy new scratch cards?

Buying scratch cards online couldn’t be simpler. Simply choose a scratchie and click “Buy” to buy it.
Here’s detailed instructions on how to buy scratch cards online at First you need to sign up. You’ll receive some free money to get started, but if you’d like to play for more you need to fund your account. To do this, go to Cashier and choose to deposit. You’ll find a range of deposit methods suitable for Australians at the cashier. Next navigate to the online scratchies section of the website. Here you’ll find a fantastic selection of instant scratchies you can play. Choose a game and click on buy the scratchie if it is to your liking. Note that the exact selection of games available depends on what device you are playing on. You’ll only see the games that work on your chosen device (computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet). This means that the selection is a bit different when you login with your computer and your iPad for example.

When playing on the internet you don’t need to buy a big stack of tickets with one go. In real life you probably buy a big stack of tickets, but there’s no need to do this on the internet. Online scratch games are instant compared to buying scratchies from a newsagent. No need to go anywhere or wait for anybody to ring you up, so you can buy tickets one at a time. You can also choose to play different scratch cards at any time or even give the slot games a few spins.

How much can I win?

You can play for prizes up to millions at

You can play two kinds of scratch games at games with and without growing jackpots.

The non-growing jackpot games have a pre-set jackpot, which is usually around 2,000 too 10,000 times the prize of the ticket. So if you buy a $2 card, the maximum jackpot to be won is most often $4,000. If you are one of our lucky player and win, the winnings are paid instantly to your account. You can either withdraw your winnings or keep on scratching, as you prefer.

The games with growing jackpots resemble lotteries with their huge jackpots. Each time players buy one of these scratch cards, a small percentage of the purchase price is placed in a special growing jackpot. This jackpot grows until one lucky player wins it.

The largest growing jackpots found at have been over 10 million dollars. These are the kind of prizes Australians are used to seeing in different lottery games like Oz Lotto or Powerball, but now they are available online too. The best thing about this is that scratch games are instant, there’s no need to wait for the next Saturday’s lotto draw.

For these gigantic jackpot wins play Mega Moolah. You’ll find more information about it here.

online scratchie

Ramesses Riches is an Ancient Egypt themed online scratch-it with instant wins up to 1000 times your wager. You’ll also find the Ramesses Riches slot machine at

Real-Money Online Scratch Games

Win real money

Real-money scratch cards are more exciting than Saturday lotto – and you can play them every day. So when you’re done with our free games, you can play for real money to have a chance to win a pile of cash. Playing for real is easy. All you need to do is to sign up, deposit and start playing. Even with your real money account, you can always try the games for free. Try the games for free before you buy instant tickets for real money.

What are my odds of winning?

This depends on the game, but internet scratchies have higher payout percentages than Aussie or UK scratch games. If you buy a scratch card in Australia, or New-Zealand or in fact pretty much anywhere in the world, you can expect that roughly one in four cards wins. Overall the games return around 2/3 of the ticket’s costs back to the players as winnings. A typical example is Australia’s Cool Cash scratchies. It costs $1.10 and returns 66% of its price as winnings. As a best online pokies gaming site have very little overhead. This enables them to feature games that pay out a lot more. ?Typical online scratch card return 90% as winnings to players. Some high paying scratch games like Cashapillar return even more, in Cashapillar’s case 95 – 96%. This makes Cashapillar almost 50% better than a normal non-online Australian scratch game. This is no scam, our scratchies just are that much better.

The more a game returns, the better are your chances of winning. You do still need to get lucky of course, but less so. So which one would you play: a game that pays 66% or a game that pays 96%? Exactly, that’s what we think too. At you scratch for a chance of winning big. This chance is real, it’s 50% higher than when you play normal scratch-offs.

Do I receive extra benefits for playing for real money?

You’ll get to enjoy daily, weekly and monthly promotions as a member of scratch players’ eclub.

This is why so many scratch cards are played online nowadays: when you play on the internet, you get a lot of extras for free. Casinos are happy to offer you the occasional promotion that puts more gaming money into your pocket. Of course is different than others. These free bonuses vary, but typically you’ll get something extra for free when you deposit: more money, more scratch cards and so on. See below for our sign up bonus for a great example of what kind of extras you get when you play online.

Scratch And Win Now

Get started & enjoy the best scratch bonus of 2016:

Receive up to $/€/£800 extra & play double the tickets

Sign up for your instant free $/€/£5. Then deposit and receive match-up bonuses. double your first deposit up to $/€/£800.



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