Proud to be Aussie and to Love Pokies

Proud to be Aussie and to Love Pokies 2

Aussies love their pokies.  That’s been a given in Australian culture, not just casino gaming culture, for many generations.  It’s as if we breathe the joy of spinning reels!  It has been said that Aussie pokies play is the purest of any casino play anywhere in the world.

So, what is it about pokies that makes the Aussie heart beat so fondly?

Proud to be Aussie and to Love Pokies 6

Casinos Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

First, we have to separate the various venues where Aussies play pokies.  There are land based casinos, online casinos, and mobile casinos.  There are pokies games at many “neutral” sites such as the many licensed pokies clubs scattered across the country, as well.  We love to play for lengths of time and we love to play just for the fun of it for just a few minutes here and there.

People throughout the world are drawn to land based casinos because there they can enjoy a rounded vacation be it for a long weekend or a longer period of time.  The best locations for land based casinos are close to nature, where vacationers can go on excursions into the desert, up into the mountains, or to the seashore.

Advantages of Online Casinos

Land based casinos offer entertainment, restaurant, pubs and bars, spas, and many other excellent amenities.  Online desktop casinos offer many plusses that land based casinos cannot offer.  These are:

  • More games
  • Better payout rates
  • Flexibility
  • Convenience

More Games

Land based casinos are limited to the space they came in whilst online casinos are virtually unlimited.  So, online casinos can offer more games.  Aussies looking for their favourite pokie at a land based casino might find that others have already staked a claim to those games and the newcomers are forced to wait.  There is NO waiting at an online casino.

Return to Player Rates

It is ironic that even though online casinos are virtually unlimited in size they have lower operating overhead and can therefore offer more money in return to players as an aggregate.  It simply costs a lot of money to run a land based casino!  Building costs, manpower, operating costs, the list goes on and on.

Never Give Up Your Seat

At a land based casino, if you want to sample another game, you have to give up your place at the game you have been playing.  Many players never venture beyond the game they began with at a land based casino because they don’t want to give up their seat.

This never happens at an online casino!  You can always “come back” to your seat because you never “give up” a seat because there never is a queue to play any given game.  So, Aussies, who love pokies and want to sample many of them, can do so seamlessly at any online casino.

Getting Home is Easy

If you are playing at your desktop, you only need stand up and you’re home!  Of course, you don’t have the full vacation experience when you play at home.  That’s the main reason the land based casinos are still in business!  But if you want to play pokies and not incur all the expenses of a vacation, online casinos are the best way to play online pokies.

Convenience is even more important in mobile casino gaming.  With your mobile device, you can play whenever you have some free time to pass.  Mobile offers the most convenient way to play.

Why Aussies Love Pokies

There has been much written about the “zombie-like Aussie” playing pokies seemingly mindlessly.  In this view, Aussies are lumped together a vast cohort of problem gamblers.

Let’s be honest and admit freely that some Aussies, like people everywhere do have a gambling problem.  These poor souls should be excluded from gambling at any licensed venue be it land based casino, online casino, or pokies club.

But the vast majority of Aussies who play pokies do so because they have discovered that it is a great way not just to pass the time but to get away from their everyday concerns.  Even though Aussies spend a relatively large amount of their disposable income on pokies compared to other societies, this should not be seen as a problem unless we were spending ourselves into poverty and damaging ourselves and our families in the process.  Otherwise, it’s just our form of entertainment and entertainment comes with a price tag.

The Lure of Pokies

Finally, we’ve come back to the original question: What is it about pokies that Aussies like so much.

It seems fair to say that pokies more than any other casino game, allow us to enter a different reality.  Clearly, it is not only in pokies that we do so.  We have football in both its manifestations, rugby, cricket, and any number of other pastimes that take our minds off of the concerns we must face daily.

Pokies have themes and story lines.  With modern graphics, the characters come alive.  They talk to us and animate the story in a way that no other casino game can.  Regular computer games do the same but they don’t have the element of gambling.  Modern Australia was founded by the most gambling-minded people in the British Empire.  Australia was a far-flung inhospitable place.  Granted the original British settlers were criminals and such.  But the people could not have settled this land without the willingness to take many chances.

The interior of our vast island was and is so fearsomely dangerous that it took the most intrepid souls to venture forth into it.  The culture of the walkabout came from this sense of adventure and fearlessness.

In our modern society, when going into the outback can be done in the form of organized trips, we need something adventurous into which we can sublimate the ancestral urge to venture forth into the vast unknown.  Pokies for Aussies are a purely modern and safe way to venture forth.  The gambling is the last vestige of the risks our forbearers took to discover the land.

So, pokies are not in any sense a sad way to gamble away our hard-earned cash.  They are a deeply rooted part of the Australian psyche.


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