Thrilling Journey You Will Never Forget With Big Red Pokie Machine

Thrilling Journey You Will Never Forget With Big Red Pokie Machine 2

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As far as playing rewarding and exciting pokies is concerned, a huge number of players are switching to make use of the Aristocrat software. With this kind of software, players can acquire a number of benefits such as the big red pokie machine. This big red pokie machine is one of the most attractive options as it provides great base game payouts for players.

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Since there are 5 pay lines, this game offers higher denomination of coins than other slot machine games. Its increased bet amount can also benefit the players as they create their winning combinations. Apart from that, to beat real money, the players can also test this big red pokie machine for free before they place their real money wagers.

Graphics and Symbols

This big red pokie machine provides Australian theme associated with stunning graphics. All of the reels of the game are set at a great background. There are no animations in this type of game but all the symbols are provided to depict the theme towards enhancing the players appeal. Some icons that will be seen during spinning include crocodiles, kangaroos, eagles, boars and other types of playing card symbol. Each of the icons is designed to offer bright colors to the entire game, making it more interesting for players to play and watch the game.

Punting Options

Players of Aristocrat pokies the past years are accustomed to bet for more than 5 pay lines but with the newest big red pokie machine, only the 5 pay lines are used. This is just a manifestation that there are higher amount for bets that are offered. The lowest denomination for this type of game is about $0.50 hence the players’ needs to bet for about $2.50 per spin to take pleasure in all the 5 pay lines. This is the reason why big red pokie machine is considered to be an affordable type of game.

Bonus Round Features

Most players may immediately expect that there is no bonus round for this game given that there are only five pay lines that will be used. Well, big red pokie machine offers a great spin round for free that is activated when the appearance of a kangaroo is observed with a win. This offers the player five free spins on the entire game which can enhance their action. This is also an essential way to let their payouts be doubled. The maximum quantity of spins that can be acquired all throughout the entire game is about 255.

Final Verdict

This big red pokie machine might seem to be an ordinary type of payline pokie machine but as soon as the players begin to spin them with reels, they will completely see how they can benefit from this game. The base of this game provides the best and most impressive payouts along with an attractive and fixed jackpot.

The highlight of this big red pokie machine is primarily the spin rounds for free which seemed to be lucrative when activated. That is why, big red pokie machine is considered to be a classic and real Aristocrat style of poker machine game that is worth playing for.


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