Top 5 Pokie Games In Australia To Try In 2021

Top 5 Pokie Games In Australia To Try In 2021 2

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Australian pokies are a top-rated casino game, and there is no shortage of great games online. There are so many to choose from, but not all have the same rules or features, which might be intimidating for newcomers. With that in mind, it's important to go over some basics about what they're like before you take your chance with an unfamiliar slot machine!

Pokies can come in different styles depending on how much money you put into them. The pay lines (the lines betted) will determine whether or not each spin pays out more than once if matched symbols line up correctly; multipliers affect this.

Types Of Online Pokies

Pokies are a form of casino game that is very different from other table games. Most people who play at the tables don't show much excitement, but when it comes to playing pokies, there's an infectious energy in the air, with lights and flashing sounds accompanying every win! There are three major types of online pokies Australia available:

1. 3-Reel Slots

There are many different styles of slots to choose from, but if you want the most traditional experience possible, then three-reel slots are where it's at. They're not as flashy or complicated as five-reel and progressive games. So, they can be perfect for beginners who want simple pokies fun without any bells or whistles.

Three-reel slots are a more straightforward, more traditional type of game than five-reel modern games. They have fewer pay lines and use classic casino icons with bonus rounds.

2. 5-Reel Slots

Slot machines have traditionally been three-reel pokies, but thanks to modern technology and various innovations in the gaming industry. For example, wild symbols or free spins make an appearance on five-reel slots.

The casinos offer all of the most engaging five-reel pokies to their players. There are so many different themes and gameplay features that it's hard for people not to find something they will like.

3. Progressive Jackpot Pokies

The majority of online pokies are stand-alone, but progressive jackpot slots have a network that connects them to other casinos. The more you play these slot games, the higher your potential payout becomes as it builds up over time.

Progressive jackpot pokies have a network of heaps of online casinos to play on, with more payouts than the average slots. Players can try for as many as four different jackpots when they gamble. But only by playing at maximum bets, and even then, there's still randomness involved in winning or not.

Best Pokie Games In Australia

The five best pokie games in Australia include:

1. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is the most popular slot game, a progressive 5-reeler with 25 pay lines set in an African safari. This “wheel of fortune” bonus feature has some of the highest-paying jackpots that you can win.

  • It also offers players one last chance at hitting big before they exit for the night.
  • The symbols are all animals from Africa, as if staring into this wild animal's eyes will help bring luck your way!
  • In Mega Moolah, the player can earn at least 15 free spins by triggering a Scatters bonus round with three or more monkey symbols.
  • These prizes are tripled during this opportunity due to an automatic 3x multiplier applied when playing in your browser's casino section.

2. Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck is a five-reel, nine payline online pokies that have become one of the highest-paying and most popular games. You can experience Thor's adventures as he battles with his enemies to win in this exciting game.

  • The game features stunning graphics and exhilarating sounds. The Thunderstruck theme song will be heard while playing, as it is the opening for the Free Spins bonus feature.
  • Thor acts as a wild symbol that can substitute other symbols to make up winning lines of five in a row; he doubles winnings when doing so!
  • Rams are scattered signs offering multiplying wins and keys to the Bonus Game, which players enter by hitting three or more scattered Rams on any reel position.
  • The flexibility of the coin size makes this game attractive to high rollers and casual pokies fans. The jackpot may be 10,000 coins.
  • But it can also be as little a 1 cent per spin, giving you even more opportunities to win something!

3. Cashapillar

Feel like a bug's life? Well, we're not sure if you are as relaxed and edgy as the Cashapillar. In this game by Microgaming, it is celebrating its 100th birthday with one of the highest paying features in pokies matches to date!

  • If you manage to bet on maximum bets per line or spin through free spins, then your jackpots can be worth up $120 instead of just 2 million dollars.
  • It will make for some high winnings when hitting that big pot at least once during standard play.
  • In Cashapillar, you will find symbols mostly related to the critter's birthday celebration. Presents, gifts brought by plenty of flying creatures, and snails are there as well.
  • The game is a lot of fun, so long as you know how to budget.
  • The maximum wager in this pokies game starts at 1000 coins, and the house edge has a significant impact on your odds for high-paying jackpots.
  • If you can manage those two things while still enjoying yourself, then give it a try!

4. Where's the Gold

Where's the Gold pokies are fantastic. They have some of the highest paying slots in Australia and also give you a chance to win up to 20 free games when their bonus is activated! When that happens, you pick one out of five characters as they drop down on the screen.

  • Then all your good luck symbols become wild for those rounds – any symbol collected during this time becomes something special (like Gold!)
  • You can win up to 10 free spins if you collect at least 3 of these icons on your screen during gameplay!
  • Before this happens, a character that will lead players through their digging process and find as many gold nuggets for them as possible.
  • It needs to be chosen from one of five options: Mary Money, Peter Panner Jr., Prof. Gold, Nugget Ned, or Happy Lucky.

5. Cleopatra

The Cleopatra slot machine is one of the most iconic slots of all time. The Egyptian-themed title offers five reels with 20 pay lines and features free spins bonuses for 15 rounds with 3x multipliers.

  • It is one of the most straightforward bonus features around, but a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless!
  • The Cleopatra slot machine has an engaging and interactive design that is sure to keep players entertained.
  • While playing, Queen Cleo herself is there for encouragement and commentary on your big wins!
  • The Queen of the Nile's voice-over, as well as her appearances throughout the game.
  • It will make playing for hours on end more enjoyable because you feel like she cares about your success. These small touches make the game so appealing.

Summing Up

The chance to win big is out there. If you're looking for the best Pokie games in Australia, we have compiled a list of our top Aussie free pokies in 2021 that are sure to make your bank account grow! It doesn't matter if you're into slots or video poker with some bonus rounds thrown in. These five pokies will be sure to take care of all your needs and more.

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