How to WIN on Pokies?

Although the odds in pokies favor the house, players who employ carefully selected strategies can sometimes improve the chances of pocketing winnings. These strategies require a lot of self-discipline and focus. Yet a pokies win can offer a great sense of excitement and satisfaction.

To win pokies more often, some experts recommend applying a few simple guidelines. Applying these ideas on a regular basis won’t guarantee success, of course, but they just might help some jackpots to flow your way!

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Tip Number One: Remain Alert

Many people visit casinos in order to savor a relaxing past-time. If you’re serious about trying to win money during a session of pokies play, however, just like an athlete engaging in a favourite sport, you need to stay focused on your objective. So don’t allow a talkative neighbor in the casino or freely flowing alcoholic beverages to distract your attention from your game play; you can take plenty of time to socialize following your pokies session. Protect the time you set aside to play pokies and focus attentively during these periods.

Tip Number Two: Budget Your Bankroll

Since the odds always favor the house, players theoretically stand a better chance of losing money than winning a jackpot whenever they enter the casino floor. Some experts advise pokies players to take the precaution of budgeting in advance for each session of play. For instance, you can divide your total bankroll by the number of sessions that you expect to spend playing pokies during your visit to a particular casino. Then, if your bankroll during any single session runs out, you can end that session of pokies play without prematurely cutting short your entire visit. Similarly, by avoiding using your winnings to play the pokies, you’ll help insure that when you do hit a big jackpot, you’ll carry the bulk of your winnings home with you when you leave.

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Tip Number Three: Play Higher Denomination Machines

As a general rule, a pokie which costs more to play tends to offer a higher chance of return. So a one dollar machine usually provides better odds than a penny machine. One strategy some players adopt involves playing the highest denomination machines within the available budget. Just remember that higher denomination machines consume the available bankroll much faster, however. A sensible practice involves playing the highest denomination machines your budget permits comfortably during your pokies game play.

Tip Number Four: Seek Out Machines Offering Lucrative Bonus Rounds

Many fruit machines offer players attractive bonus round sessions. The payments obtained during this type of pokies play can add up. Many authorities advise gaining familiarity with the rules of each game before placing wagers; this way you avoid unpleasant surprises if bonus round games occur very infrequently. A small pokies win, repeated frequently, often allows a player to return home with a nice profit. Instead of chasing large jackpots exclusively, don’t overlook machines that offer generous bonus game awards.

Tip Number Five: Play Pokies Offering Generous Free Spins

Today, numerous pokies furnish free spins to players as an incentive to remain engaged with the game. Since you don’t necessarily pay money to play free spin rounds, searching for machines that offer generous numbers of free spins remains a useful strategy for extending your bankroll during a session of game play. To win pokies in this way may require some advanced research; you need to study the available games offered at the casino and check to determine which ones provide free spin bonus games.

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A Final Word

Enjoy your games and you may find you fare very well. Strategies that promote focused, smart play may enable a player to leave with winnings after a fun vacation at a casino. Even though the odds in general favor the house, pokies players also hit jackpots. Individual players sometimes accrue far more in winnings than they spend.